Saturday, December 09, 2006

Game event with presentations

Yesterday and today (and don't forget the nights!) there were different kind of activities around Gaming.

I skipped the LAN-party but joined some presentations to see if they were coming up with some valuable insights about gaming which can be used within game based learning situations.

Yesterday I saw a presentation about the history and future of gaming by Wouter Baars. Interesting but not that new to me. He is a technical guy and didn't have a lot of presentation skills.

Today I went to listen to Jeroen Jansz. A very interesting researcher from the University of Amsterdam. He is doing research about gaming for 3 years now and with a involving way of presenting he gave us some clear insights. He is proving what Steven Johnson is telling everybody: that gaming is not such a bad activity and can be very benificial. Keep an eye on his is impressive!

For the Dutch readers: he also wrote the chapter about videogames in the excellent book from the SCP: Jaarboek ICT en samenleving, de digitale generatie (zie ook


erik said...

Hi Marcel, great to read your blog.
Keep up the good work!

I wondered if you heard anything new about the use of GameMaker, the tool we discussed last week. We'll stay in touch!


Marcel de Leeuwe said...

Thanks! Wouter Baars gave a workshop about GameMaker but I only attended his presentation about the history of gaming.

I ordered the book of Baars about designing games.

Actually he was not really into serious gaming.