Thursday, March 01, 2007

Game based learning seminar

Stoas is organizing free seminars for quite a long time. During several years we had interesting sessions, mostly about developing e-Learning content. In about 3 hours we presented cases from customers (and by customers) and explained all kind of didactical models and methods and we discussed it with the participants. It is always a great opportunity to meet other professionals and discuss all aspects. Only in interaction you are changing and 'upgrading' your own mental model. Every time it is with a small group of people (20-25) and we are closing the sessions with an informal lunch. For the participants it is interesting to get some information and to meet other people to hear their experiences with e-Learning (especially during the breaks and lunch). They are always rating the event positively. And for us it is a great opportunity to hear what the wishes, dreams and concerns are from our (potential) customers.

Now we are starting with a seminar about game based learning. Many times the term GBL or serious gaming is misleading and is just an excuse to cover up a bad designed e-Learning product. That’s why we started this seminar, to evaluate this phenomenon and to talk with people about the positive and negative aspects. I will also talk about the ingredients of a good and usable educational game and how to implement it in your environment. From a critical, educational point of view. Other colleagues of mine are presenting research results about GBL.

If you are interested to join us on for this free event on Friday the 13th. Do you dare?

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Video impression of our GBL seminar.

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Karin Winters said...

Dan zie ik je vast 8 juni live op de 2e gaming conferentie