Friday, July 27, 2007

SPORE: "toys can change the world!"

Will Wright previews his new and exiting game, 'Spore'. Maybe the name doesn't ring a bell but sure 'SimCity' and 'the Sims' does. The creator of these sims is working on his new baby. Last year within Saganet we were already talking about this new concept.

Few interesting things:

  1. this is a new example of participatory learning, you create your own universe;
  2. Wright starts talking about his Montessori education;
  3. he sees this as a learning toy;
  4. the game holds some nice and easy object authoring tools;
  5. Wright sees his new game as a way to educate young people about long-term effects of your actions;
  6. nice saying: "Toys can change the world".

See this great TED-video:

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