Thursday, August 16, 2007

Capture and share your applications

When learning to work with a certain application I like to watch some screen casts. I bought Final Cut some weeks ago and it helps me to understand some of the more complicated features.

And within Stoas we are using simulations a lot for our customers who want to train people how to use a certain application. Or to support them on the work place with small simulations. Some times we just do this the hard core way with programming it in code, sometimes we use screen capturing applications like Captivate. With this application you can do almost everything you want.

Now I'm also using a very simple application: Jing (from TechSmit, who are also selling Camtasia). You can download it for free for both Mac and PC and you can create screenshots (a window or part of a window) or screen casts. You can just hit the record button and it is capturing the action including the audio. The special thing is that you can share the picture or movie right away. It is published on the server and the url is copied into your clipboard. Just send the url and your friends can watch it. Easy and fast way to explain something fast.

Just watch this (bad) example:


wrubens said...

Interesting. Maybe this can solve my frustrations:

Stanley Portier said...

Indeed a nice example and an easy-to-use way to make for example more interactive weblog postings.

Marcel de Leeuwe said...

Hi Wilfred,

I just found this small app after your initial question. But it seems to work OK, allthough it has some limitations.

But as Stanley says, it is easy-to-use. And fast.


erik said...

Geweldige tool Marcel. bedankt. Ook grappige interface-oplossingen. De technische drempels blijven maar lager worden. Enige slechte aan je 'bad example' was mijn typefout die zo prominent in beeld bleef :)