Thursday, September 27, 2007

Immersive learning simulations webinar

This week I joined a webinar about IMMERSIVE LEARNING SIMULATIONS by great experts like Clark Quinn (author of Engaging Learning). It was a one hour event based on research findings in a report, that you can buy from the site. Although the way it was done was quite straightforward (slow PowerPoints, audio and a side-chat) the content was interesting. Adobe Acrobat Connect was used. You can see a recorded session at the website.

See for yourself that the content is great but the interaction was poor. I was missing basic things like pictures of the speakers and graphics with an additional value. The start was static with a picture of the frontpage of the report for almost 5 minutes. I would expect more from a fine group of experts like Quinn and Schlenker. Teach what you preach!

The model behind this site is triggering. If you sign up for free as an Associate, you can gain points by filling out your profile and filling out surveys. The outcome of the surveys will be analysed in their reports. For your points (called 'Guilders') you can get all kind of goodies as PDF-version of the reports, coffee mugs, USB-sticks and many more. As an Associate you can download abstracts. Actually there is nothing interesting to see in these abstracts besides a lot of index pages and some graphs. So you have to fill out surveys or pay to get the good stuff.

Go visit the eLearning Guild website for more info.


Clark said...

C'mon Marcel, I had a graphic on every slide I talked to! :)

But you're absolutely right, of course, that we should have pictures of us on a first slide, to put faces to voices, and had more visual support for the intro. Thanks for the mention!

Brent Schlenker said...

Hi Marcel! It takes a lot of guts and risk taking to put your thoughts into the bloggosphere. Many thanks to you for reminding me how important those things are.
Trust me when I say that we truly appreciate your insight and feedback. We all have tons of work that we are doing and I think even the best of us sometimes get tired and look at our work and so, "oh, its good enough". But, comments like yours always remind me that I can do better. When nobody comments I sort of wipe my brow and think, "phew, I just made it through another one. I'll do it better next time." Well, next time isn't good enough, I want it to be awesome EVERY time.
Thanks for the kick in the backside to step up my game. Seriously, its great motivation!
Thanks for attending and I hope you'll give our webinars another try when we release our next report on Measuring eLearning Success.

Marcel de Leeuwe said...

Dear Clark and Brent,

This kind of reactions makes clear that both of you are inspirational thinkers (to me and many others).

And for sure I keep up with your work and thoughts, including the seminars because the quality of the ideas and the original ideas always brings inspiration and new insights. Even if there is always room for improvement they are far above average!

Thanks and warm regards,


Steve Wexler said...


Hey, how come your blaming Clark and Brent and giving me a free pass? I was the guy running the show! ;)

I think you're right about the presentation and you should look for us to do better in upcoming webinars.

I do think, however, that the Guild offers a TON of great resources to free members. Yes, if you want to have access to the survey results summary (which is something like 50 pages) you'll need to complete the associated survey.

But have you had a chance to look at some of the other resources? For example, if you click "My Reports" there's a collection of live, interactive reports giving you access to a projects database, a buyers guide, modality usage, and salary and compensation information.

In any case, as much as I like praise, I prefer feedback that contains concrete suggestions on how we can do a better job.

And if we *don't* do better next tume, you'll know who to blame...