Monday, September 03, 2007

Thesis: "Learning environments for Net-generation learners"

Last week Joost, a colleague of mine, got his masters degree. If you are interested in Net-generation learning, this thesis will be useful for you.

Based on a written questionnaire among 224 students of preliminary vocational education in The Netherlands, the paper explores the use of digital media and web technology and the characteristics of Net-generation learners as being the next generation of workers. Two developments in digital media and web technology have been taken into account: 1) virtual social networks and 2) multi-user virtual environments.

Although it was a scientific research the approach was very practical. And we can use a bit insight in these field because you cannot project the US based research findings that easy on a Dutch situation.

For me what was new to hear was the penetration of the use of instant messaging amongst this target group, it was almost 100%. The target group comes from a lower socio-economic background (below average) and you could expect a lower use of PC's at home. This was not true.

I think Joost did some nice research and he answered some interesting and relevant questions. For me the remaining questions are:

  1. What will happen if we use the Net-gen methods within a corporate learning environment? Will it lose its positive impact?
  2. What is the importance of the learner as an active creator?
Maybe some new research questions?

Congratulations Joost!

Check his research: Learning environments for Net-generation learners

Check his presentation:

For more, please visit his blog.

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