Wednesday, December 27, 2006

E-learning from the start?

When my wife was pregnant I was looking for all kind of kids-stuff. And because I'm working as an e-Learning consultant I was looking for e-Learning products for kids as well.

And I found a DVD serie called "Baby Einstein". I got some dark thoughts about young children in Japan who had a pre-kinder garten course and remedial teaching at the age of 5 to get better than the neighbour kid.

On the other hand why not? Growing up is learning. Every day, every moment. But there is a thin line between natural, informal learning and structured formal learning. When do you cross the line?

Now my kid is 3.5 moths old and he is learning like crazy! And yes, I bought Baby Einstein. But only showed it to my wife so far.

Check out some previews of the Baby Einstein 'courses'.


Gert said...

Then you know also about

By the way not only for kids.


P.S. My kids learn also from and

Marcel de Leeuwe said...

Hi Gert,

Yep, I know the sites. Very well designed. And for older kids (who can understand English quite well) you can find beautiful designed e-learning at:

A huge database with rich learning content.