Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy & powerful new year!

Dear co-learners,

I would like to wish you a great 2007 with a lot of powerful learning experiences.

This holidays I got my new MacBook and it was fun learning how to use this machine. It was such a nice experience that even my wife looked over my shoulder and when she saw how easy it worked and how much fun functionalities there were available, she starts playing and her conclusion was:

"I also want a MacBook!"


erik said...

Congratulations on your new Macbook, Marcel and best wishes to you and your family as well. I'll try to convince my Christine on buying Baby Einstein as well. Greetings from my 'big mac' in Rotterdam!

Marcel de Leeuwe said...

Thank Erik, I guess I will have as much fun with it as you with your Mac.

Tell Christine that our son gained 5 points of IQ-score since we only bought the DVD. Guess what will happen if he starts watching it.

Enjoy 2007, hope it will bring you a lot of inspiration.

Marcel de Leeuwe said...
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Suzanne said...

Hey Marcel,
Also the best wishes for you and your family. Hope that your great kid grows well!

Very interesting stuff you publish(ed) here. Learning has indeed to be easy and fun. I'm glad you are so happy with you new Mac. You look good at the movie... bit seriously maybe ;-)

Bye, Suzanne