Sunday, March 18, 2007

New category of learning objectives needed!

The categories of learning objectives are not complete. We (teachers, trainers, educational scientists) often are talking about the acquisition of:

  1. knowledge;
  2. skills;
  3. values/attitudes.
Most of the time you can put all kind of learning objectives in one of the three categories. But for me it is not sufficient anymore.

I started to think about this when I was reading a great Dutch book 'Imagineering' about the leisure industry (see It is explaining the shift from a services industry to an industry where memorable experiences are important. A famous example is Starbucks. You are not just buying a coffee, you are buying an experience. Companies like Disney and the Efteling are other strong examples. In the book Nijs & Peters are telling us that the American model has to be changed, it is not just about adding some theatre and a theme but it is about authentic experiences.

Is that not what learning should be: a memorable experience? Let's be honest: how many times are we succeeding as learning designers? Sometimes people forget about the course when they are leaving the classroom or closing the internet browser. We have to be more focussed. Let's create strong experiences, which are hitting people's hearts as well as their minds!!

Let's start with asking ourselves what kind of memorable experiences this course will create. Let's put in another category: experiences. Make it part of your learning objectives. In every course or other learning experience.

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erik said...

Fully agrre, reminds me of your blog on your visit to the Media Experience...