Sunday, March 25, 2007

Philips 3D display: stunning simulations?

Philips presented a new technology: a 3-dimension display. Of course you all know the 3D experience where you need the special glasses, e.g. with green/red glasses or green/violet. So why is this something new?

Well, you don't need any glasses to see the 3D environment with the 3D display. Without any extra things, you will see the images/video or any other multimedia.

Philips says: "3D is the next big thing since the introduction of color displays. 3D provides a richer, more exciting, more informative, and more entertaining end-user experience in various fields!"

I say: this can have a huge effect within learning situations. Think about easy to view 3D simulations. Content developers will have a powerful tool to enrich the learning experience and to make it more involving and memorable. Content can be created by several tools, one of the ones is 3D Studio Max.

We contacted Philips about this product and I'm very anxious to create some good e-Learning content. Hope to be back with you with some news about the educational possibilities and user experiences (content developers and learners).

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