Friday, June 08, 2007

176 $ laptop will boost education world wide?

'One laptop per child' is a non-profit organization founded by Nicholas Negroponte. They were planning to give the world an easy to use, 100$ laptop.

Their goal:

To provide children around the world with new opportunities to explore, experiment and express themselves. The further say that the laptop is a potent learning tool created expressly for the world's poorest children, living in its most remote environments.

The machine is using open source software (e.g. it is using elements of Red Hat's Fedora Core 6 version of the Linux operating system) and is promising a very user-friendly experience. The laptop creates its own mesh network out of the box. Each machine is a full-time wireless router. Children in the most remote regions of the globe—as well as their teachers and families—will be connected both to one another and to the Internet.

This week Negroponte was speaking at a Harvard University conference and he talked about the groups of children in Nigeria, Thailand and Uruguay who are using the laptop already. At the end of the year the plan is that 1.000.000 laptops are produced every month. The price has to reach the famous 100$ level in 2009 again.

Love this initiative and I hope this will bring a lot of joy and learning to kids all over the world.

Please visit the website or the wiki to see if you or your organization can support the project in any way.

or the wiki:

In the wiki you can also help the project by creating content!

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