Thursday, June 21, 2007

New interface, new learning?

Microsoft is catching some attention by their new interface: Surface. Actually for me it was not such a revolutionary interface because I saw a presentation on TED with the same ideas.

Anyway, it could be a nice interface for learners as well. It looks quite easy to use, I think it will get high scores on usability tests!

But I also see the limitations. For pictures and stuff like that it looks great and it is easy to see the additional value. The same for drawings. But what if we want to use a learning environment? How can we do that? And how can text be entered? Can it work for video editing as well? And would it also be useable if the screen was not the size of a table?

Some critic is also shared by a guy who put a parody on YouTube:

If you want to see Jeff Dan on TED last year with a great (life) demo, please watch the video!

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