Monday, July 16, 2007

A computer program that reads human expressions

Used for marketing reasons
Dutch researchers from Unilever using software that reads human expressions recently for a consumer test project seconded what wise men have always known: Sweets are the surest way to make a woman smile. Marketers increasingly use technology to determine what gives consumers bliss. Food and consumer goods giant Unilever, which used brain scans to demonstrate why we all scream for ice cream, hired software developers Theo Gevers and Nicu Sebe from the science department of the University of Amsterdam to run the European tests after reading about their experimental work deciphering the Mona Lisa's smile.

Emotions in learning experiences
Although this computer program is used for marketing reasons this could be an interesting tool for learning as well. I'm convinced that (e-)Learning can only have a learning effect if the learning activity is very involving. Emotions are important. Most self study e-Learning courses don't pay attention to the emotional needs of learners.

What is the learning experience you remember?

Probably it made an impression in different ways, not only on an academic level but it also moves you on an emotional level. It touched you. A great teacher can do this. Great e-Learning course as well but this kind of emotion recognition software could help us to optimize the interactivity. It could make the computer more human and make the learning experience more adaptive and memorable.

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