Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Live broadcast: exciting learning!

During the last week of the international 'e-Learning Fundamentals' course I decided I wanted to have an extra presentation about designing educational games. A few weeks before I found out about the possibilities to host a free streaming video broadcast. I used You need a web cam and a mike and that is it. After registration you can set up a live show within 1 minute. You can send around a url or you can embed the code in your weblog or learning environment (like you can do with a YouTube video).

My own 30 minutes of fame
I scheduled a 30 minute show and embedded the screen in Moodle. During the show you can chat with your audience. I downloaded an additional application that offers me the functionalities to share images and to add titles, a count down timer etc. It seems to work fine although some people couldn't connect to the server. You can also record your show. Great that you can sign up for free, bad thing is that it was not functioning as expected.

Another variation of this is operator11. This website also offers you free streaming shows. But you will have some different functionalities. As a host you can give the stage to other participants (colleagues or learners) and they can present.

Exciting for learners and you
These websites are promising for education. I really want to use it again with a group of learners. It is exited to have your own show and to be 'on the air'. Everybody dreams to be on TV while growing up. Feel the energy and try this with your students. The synchronous aspect really add some excitement to your learning experience. Get envolved!

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