Sunday, October 21, 2007

Intercultural presentations!

At this moment I'm waiting at the airport in Detroit. Tonight we will go to Orlando to be at Learning 2007 from Elliott Masie. I can't wait! My colleague Erika and I are hosting a session with the title 'e-Learning for a worldwide audience', we will use the Hofstede model to explain the design guidelines for e-Learning.

Last week I was in Lituania to present about this issue at well, although this was a small seminar, it was interesting to share thoughts about cultural contexts with people from 20 different countries.

The same week I was working for the Council of Europe, this was a general session on e-Learning but I showed the intercultural course and also here people got really into the subject of cultural dimensions of learning.

I'm wondering how many people will show up at our session in Learning 2007. I am surprised by the many conversations and request for presentations I had on the subject of multicultural approaches in e-Learning. It is certainly hot.

You will find more on Learning 2007 on this blog (daily base) and for the Dutch readers: I will publish a daily post on

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