Monday, October 22, 2007

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Ann Herrmann-Nehdi was catching our attention from the very start of the session on brain-based learning. Today I joined the 6-hour pre-conference session on this interesting subject. A couple of days ago I out a digital assessment (HBDI) on our styles of thinking. Today we got a full report on our own styles. That was very interesting and challenging. She is working for a lot of years in this field and can back-up all her stories with sound research and experience.

She is using the four-colored quadrants that represents different styles:
- Analyze
- Strategize
- Personalize
- and Organize.

My very own profile!

Very good to think about the implications on this for your learning design. In the best training you have to address all ways of thinking. With the help of Ann we discovered practical translation of this model into e-learning reality. They gave us really great goodies (cards, posters, profiles etc.) But please visit her website for more info and great resources.

This night we also had the general opening session. That was also good although there was a (for Dutch) strange thing: 4 veterans walked in with flags and there was a very patriotic song. Mmm, but after that it went better with e.g. a talk from Dr James 'Butch' Rosser, this surgeon, researcher and teacher was explaining his research that shows that surgeons that are playing videogames perform significant better on their job and also surgeons that are playing videogames as a warming-up before the surgery, perform better. See an article about this!

For more info visit the Learning 2007 websites:
- General website
- Learning Wiki (with lot's of resources)

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