Tuesday, October 23, 2007

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Today we started at 8 am and it was an inspiring day again. It started with some good sessions, one of the better ones was from Dan Pink (see also his blog). I have read his book "A Whole New Mind" a long time ago and still there are some challenging thoughts. He is telling us that it is time has come for the 'right brainers', he relates the left side with rational ways of thinking and the right side with the more emotional and artistic side. He keeps telling us that we have the focus on jobs and services that cannot be outsourced or automated. And than we talking about right-brain attitude and values. Pink comes up with some ingredients that can make a difference in business and learning:
- design (differentiate one product/service from another);
- storytelling (places facts in context and provoke emotions);
- symphony (focus on syntheses);
- meaning (what is the real value);
- empathy (feel what the user is feeling).

Ann Herrmann-Nehdi had a more sophisticated and sound message but I like the style and way of thinking from Dan as well. So do yourself a favor and buy his book.

Snowflake effect
Two other good moments today: Experiences on Storytelling from Ikea (wonderful examples) and Wayne Hodgings from Autodesk. I saw this guy already a lot of times and I keep visiting his presentations because he is so passionate about learning and he has a good sense of trends. His story today was again about mass personalization of learning. He called it the Snowflake effect. Challeging message with some nice examples that I didn't know. One good one is www.pandora.com were you build your own profile by rating songs. Go see it for yourself. I think his idea can be implemented if we are looking for some help by users when we are talking about creating personalized content.

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