Sunday, November 25, 2007

TFT tennis: move your whole screen!

Today I visited STRP Festival in Eindhoven. This Art & Technology festival offers some great dance concerts (e.g. Chemical Brothers) and it is like they say "an exhibition of about 30 art robots and/or interactive art installations, a lot of video art and artistic video clips, various Live Cinema performances, several film and documentary showings, about ten talks and lectures by artists, workshops, and a number of other projects that fall outside the scope of the above-mentioned categories."

I always like the festivals on the former Philips premises. The atmosphere within the old factory buildings is special and the festivals are often very inspiring and creative.

Today I saw an installation of Dirk Eijsbouts called TFT Tennis. This was a new way of playing a digital tennis game. You really have to move your body and your TFT screen to hit the ball. Nice interface!

Watch this short impression, not a great quality, I shot it with my photo camera. You can find more on his website.

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