Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Timeline tool for e-learning?

When I'm teaching a basic e-Learning course, one of didactical activities I do is creating a timeline with the participants. I provide them with pictures that represent a certain event (both technological as educational) in history that influenced modern e-Learning concepts. It is a great way to get into discussions about learning, about the value of each event and about the link to our learning concepts of today. It is a very interesting way of storytelling.

Recently I was reading a Dutch blog I really like and appreciate of Margreet van den Berg and she posted something about creating online timelines.

I tried one ( and it worked pretty well. You can add events very easily and work on your project in private and when you want to share it you can do it with a select group of people or the world. The timeline can also be embedded in your website of blog (although it is running outside your frames) and your students can work together on a timeline. So it could be an interesting assignment as well.

Take a look at the example of a timeline

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Hans de Zwart said...

Hello Marcel,

I have experimented with SIMILE a bit:

It is a great way for easily visualising timelines!

Kind regards,

Hans de Zwart