Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Visible Body!

Thanks to the blog of Jane Hart, I discovered the rich world of the website The Visible Body. The creators saying it "is the most comprehensive human anatomy visualization tool available today."

After registering for free and downloading some Active X controls, the draw back is that it only works with Internet Explorer. For me this is a problem because I cannot get IE stable since I installed 7.0.

But what a rich model of the human body! Especially for students and teachers of biology this is a great resource. It would even be better if you could add some interactivity as a teacher but the creators are promising a lot of more features; one example is the use of quality animations. So who knows what is next.

This site hold a lot of promises. So let's combine it with the ideas within the BBC page about the human body and another powerful learning experience is there!

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