Friday, January 11, 2008

WBTs on e-Learning for free!

During the European project Fe-ConE, we developed 6 WBTs about e-Learning. This was not the goal of the project but a way to do research. The 6-week course on e-Learning Fundamentals hold a lot of didactical activities and one of them was a kind of old fashioned WBT.

I host 3 of the 6 WBTs (in English) on my own Dutch Blog, please feel free to look at them. These are not the best I could do (due to extreme time constraints) but maybe you will find it useful.

BTW: all the learning materials are published under Creative Commons licenses so let me know if you want to re-use it. I have the files in native eXe format.

> WBT “e-Learning Basics”

> WBT “e-Learning Tools”

> WBT “e-Learning Trends”



Anonymous said...

Thanks and nice to read your Blog.
I enjoyed the course this year and the contacts with other collegues from all over Europe, still waiting for my certificate

Marcel de Leeuwe said...

Dear Karin,

Thanks for your nice comments! I'm so glad that you, as very active involved participant, are positive about the learning experience.

Regarding the certificate; the first one it was sent to your old address and after you mailed me I asked the Greek partner to send it again to you. I will ask them again (that's not the same as a solid garantee ;-))

Warm regards,


Karin Winters said...

Snow has gone in Greece, but my certificate was still not in my mail, that's a shame because I would like to use it in my personal development plan for 2008.
Please mail me a name of a Greece collegue so I can ask him/her.

Kiri said...

Great work.

Anonymous said...

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